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  1. Mackie Active Speaker PA Thrash215 1300W with Woofer 15"
  2. Vonyx Passive Speaker PA SL8 200W with Woofer 8" 21.5x26.5x42cm
  3. Vonyx Active Speaker PA VSA15BT 1000W with Woofer 15" 59.5x36x38cm
  4. JBL Active Speaker PA EON715 650W with Woofer 15" 43.8x35.8x71.6cm
  5. Metro Active Speaker PA ES-15A MP3 BT 150W with Woofer 15" 38.4x48x74cm
  6. JBL Active Speaker PA IRX 108 BT 1300W with Woofer 8" 31.3x25.8x48.6cm
  7. Electro-Voice Active Speaker PA ZLX-15BT 1000W with Woofer 15" 42.6x38.3x68.5cm
  8. GloboStar Passive Pair PA Speaker 480W with Woofer 6" 24.2x12.9x15.8cm
  9. GloboStar Passive Pair PA Speaker FDB K803 200W with Woofer 3" 11x75x75cm
  10. GloboStar Active Pair PA Speaker FDB K112BAS 300W with Woofer 12" 51.5x32.5x53.5cm
  11. Mackie Active Speaker PA with Battery
  12. Dibeisi Passive Speaker PA DBS-4308 100W with Woofer 8" 29x26.5x45cm
  13. RCF Active Speaker PA ART 945-A with Woofer 15" 41.5x41x71.1cm
  14. Dibeisi Passive Pair PA Speaker DBS 100W 100W with Woofer 3.5" 14.5x11x20.5cm
  15. Electro-Voice Active Speaker PA ZLX-12BT 250W with Woofer 12" 35.6x35.6x61cm
  16. GloboStar Active Pair PA Speaker FDB K803 K112BAS 1000W with Woofer 12"
  17. Electro-Voice Active Speaker PA 400W with Woofer 12" with Battery 34.5x34.7x59.7cm
  18. Mackie Active Speaker PA Thump Go 200W with Woofer 8" with Battery 23x28.5x45.7cm
  19. Mackie Active Speaker PA Thump215XT 1400W with Woofer 15" 44.2x35.6x68.6cm
  20. Vonyx Active Set Speaker VX0812BT 1000W with Woofer 15"
  21. JBL Active Speaker PA PRX915 1000W with Woofer 15" 46.5x38.3x71.7cm
  22. Vonyx Passive Speaker PA VSA10P 500W with Woofer 10" 26.5x31x48cm
  23. Vonyx Active Speaker PA VSS150 with Woofer 15" 36.5x70x44.5cm
  24. JBL Active Speaker PA Eon One Compact 120W with Woofer 8" 25.5x39.3x29.1cm
  25. Electro-Voice Active Speaker PA 1000W with Woofer 12" 35.6x35.6x62.1cm
  26. Electro-Voice Passive Speaker PA 250W with Woofer 12" 35.6x35.6x62.1cm
  27. Electro-Voice Passive Speaker PA 250W with Woofer 15" 42.3x38.3x69.8cm
  28. Electro-Voice Passive Speaker PA 250W with Woofer 8" 29x28x46cm
  29. Vonyx Active Speaker PA VSA10BT 500W with Woofer 10" 31x26.5x48cm.
  30. Pioneer Active Subwoofer PA XPRS1182S 1000W 18" 66.1x53.65x53.5cm.
  31. Vonyx Active Speaker PA VSA15 1000W with Woofer 15" 59.5x36x38cm
  32. RCF Active Set PA Speakers Evox J8 700W with Woofer 12" 40x46x62.3cm
  33. Mackie Active Subwoofer PA SR-18S 1600W 18" 58.4x68.6x59.2cm
  34. Soundsation Active Speaker PA 120W with Woofer 1" 33.8x28.4x39.8cm
  35. Electro-Voice Active Speaker PA 1000W with Woofer 8" 29x28x46cm
  36. Mackie Active Speaker PA Thrash212 1300W with Woofer 12"
  37. Mackie Active Subwoofer PA Thump118s 18" 52.8x61x53.3cm
  38. Dibeisi Passive Speaker PA Q8001 300W with Woofer 8" 30x27x50cm
  39. Vonyx Passive Speaker PA VSA15P 500W with Woofer 15" 36x38x59.5cm
  40. Fenton Active Subwoofer PA SHFS12B 400W 12" 44.5x44x37.5cm
  41. Bose Active Speaker PA S1 Pro+ Stand Bundle with Woofer 6" with Battery 24x28x33cm
  42. QSC Active Speaker PA K12.2 2000W with Woofer 12" 35.6x35x60.2cm
  43. Audien Active Speaker PA SM-3315A20 120W with Woofer 15"
  44. Vonyx Active Set PA Speakers VX0812BT 800W with Woofer 12" 48x46x51cm
  45. Vonyx Active Set Speaker VX210 with Woofer 10"
  46. Electro-Voice Active Subwoofer PA EKX-18SP 1300W 18" 60.6x61.2x52cm
  47. Stagg Active Speaker PA AS10 125W with Woofer 10" 30x26x47cm
  48. JBL Active Speaker PA Rallybar XL 300W 89.75x12.67x11.8cm.
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