How to Advertise with us is the #1 e-commerce platform in Greece. Started as a price-comparison engine, now Skroutz has evolved into a one-stop e-commerce marketplace. Today, we help 1.500.000+ registered consumers with their shopping needs, from more than 8.000 online shops that are active on our platform.

Homepage Sponsorship

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A Front Page Sponsorship is placed on our homepage, below the search bar. This placement is ideal for awareness campaigns or new product launches as it utilizes fully the high front page traffic of

Category Sponsorship

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Category Headers are placed in a specific site section of your choice. With this placement, you ensure a more detailed targeting, as your creative is viewed by users that browse relevant product categories.

Custom Shelves

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Custom product shelves are placed on our homepage and are focused on multiple product browsing. With this placement, you can communicate a large variety of products or series, and lead directly to their respective product pages.

Homepage Bottom Banners

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Homepage Bottom Banners are an alternative homepage placement below the fold. This placement is ideal for directing "window shoppers" traffic to a specific filtered results page of your choice.

Detailed information about our advertising options and our design guidelines is included below.

Advertising Options
Design Guidelines





For more details or a custom advertising proposal, you can contact us via mail at:

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